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Access to territorial protection and asylum procedures for asylum seekers, refugees' naturalisation and provision of direct assistance in meeting basic needs for minority returnees and displaced communities
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283.150 Euro
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Access to territorial protection and asylum procedures for asylum seekers, refugees' naturalisation and provision of direct assistance in meeting basic needs for minority returnees and displaced communities

Status:  Completed
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1. Ensure favourable protection environment for asylum seekers and naturalisation of protracted refugee caseload

2. Ensure food security to vulnerable minority returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs


'The new Kosovo law on Asylum has been developed and approved in December 2011. The whole process of amendment of this law was followed with a limited level of transparency and very limited genuine will for upholding international standards and as result there was almost no legal debate and argumentation on the aspects of the new draft law. UNHCR shall continue making efforts in bringing its concern to the attention of legislative bodies and decision makers in different ways, including through formal/informal meetings and workshops. In 2012, UNHCR shall strengthen its advocacy in the context of the legislative developments related to PoC under Pillar 1, in particular the Laws, AIs, SOPs and other acts affecting persons of concern to UNHCR, including, the areas such as Asylum, Foreigners, Citizenship, Migration, Border Management, etc. More concretely, UNHCR shall facilitate one workshop on the issues related to asylum in Kosovo whereby the proactive involvement of Kosovo authorities, civil society and other relevant actors is anticipated. Furthermore, UNHCR envisages a study tour for MIA/DCAM staff, assisted and accompanied by UNHCR, to one of the countries with a developed asylum system in order to benefit from the existing experiences.

The return assistance scheme in Kosovo is linked to comprehensive projects that often include housing, NFI, food, furniture and income generation assistance. However, a considerable number of PoCs return spontaneously to Kosovo, and do not benefit from these organized assistance projects. UNHCR intends to assist all those minority returnees and displaced communities who are deemed to be vulnerable. Given the trends in the past years it is envisaged that up to 1,200 returnees and displaced persons will be in need of food and NFI assistance by UNHCR in 2012. UNHCR’s direct assistance to PoCs will contribute to their safety and well-being for the first two months after return. Most returnees, both voluntary and readmission, need support in meeting basic needs such as food and non-food items. Return actors had previously agreed on a standardized return package of basic food and non-food items which is generally applied throughout all assistance projects. Participatory assessment findings indicate that the weak socio-economic situation remains the most pressing factor hindering reintegration. Overall, the situation of PoCs is complex and varies from area to area. Whereas, in some areas majority and minority groups, including PoCs, share common space and life, the return and reintegration in other areas has not been smooth and the relationships between the communities remains tense.

UNHCR will procure food under direct implementation for needy vulnerable returnees and displaced persons. At least 1,200 minority voluntary returnees and internally displaced persons will have access to a minimum 2,100 kcal/person/day.

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  • [Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ]


Actual Start Date:  23/03/2012
Original Completion Date:  31/12/2012
Actual Completion Date:  31/12/2012
[Kosovo] 100%

Implementation Level: National

Implementation Location: Country

DAC-CRS Sector Scheme - 120 - HEALTH - 122 - Basic health - 12240 - Basic nutrition (40.0)%

DAC-CRS Sector Scheme - 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY - 151 - Government and civil society, general - 15130 - Legal and judicial development (60.0)%

Sector Working Group
Sector Working Group - ENVIRONMENT - Public health (40.0)%

Sector Working Group - RULE OF LAW - Judiciary (60.0)%

Organization Name : German Government
Organization Role : donor
Aid Type : Grant
Financial Instrument : Project (PRO)
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300.000   Euro
Subtotal Actual Commitments: 300.000 Euro    
283.150   Euro

Total Actual Commitments: 300.000 Euro  
Total Actual Disbursements: 283.150 Euro  
Delivery rate: 94%
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  • Civil Rights Program Kosovo
  • Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 100.0 %

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