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Title Beneficiary Agency Donor Agency Primary Sector Location Actual Completion Datesort ascending Actual Commitments (EUR) Actual Disbursements (EUR)
details 2019/413-042 - Participation of Kosovo on four selected Union Programmes N/A Beneficiary Organization European Union Office 400 - MULTISECTOR/CROSS-CUTTING Kosovo 23/10/2025 183,036 183,036
details Guarantee to the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund N/A Beneficiary Organization Sweden 321 - INDUSTRY Kosovo 31/12/2024 1,024,448.02 971,091.36
details CDF- Human Rights Program in Kosovo 2019-2023 N/A Beneficiary Organization Sweden 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Kosovo 30/06/2024 5,228,953.46 1,707,413.38
details Support on strengthening sustainable and multipurpose forest management for improved rural livelihoods in Kosovo Kosovo Forestry Agency, Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Sweden 312 - FORESTRY Kosovo 30/04/2024 2,561,120.06 960,420.02
details Support to Integrated Water Resource Management in Kosovo - IWRMK Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation 140 - WATER AND SANITATION Kosovo 30/04/2024 1,541,111.41 1,541,111.41
details 2019/412-653 Building capacity for inclusion in education - INCLUDE Ministry of Education, Science and Technology European Union Office 110 - EDUCATION Kosovo 31/12/2023 2,000,000 414,531
details Support to Kosovo Agency of Statistics 2019-2023 Kosovo Agency of Statistics Sweden 160 - OTHER SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES Kosovo 31/12/2023 1,650,855.31 485,545.68
details IPA 2017 - 2019/406-828 - EU Support for Intellectual Property Rights System in Kosovo Ministry of Trade and Industry European Union Office 331 - TRADE POLICY AND REGULATIONS AND TRADE-RELATED ADJUSTMENT Kosovo 01/12/2023 1,898,280 445,305
details 2019/413-135 - EU Support for the Competitiveness of Kosovo's ICT Sector N/A Beneficiary Organization European Union Office 331 - TRADE POLICY AND REGULATIONS AND TRADE-RELATED ADJUSTMENT Kosovo 26/07/2023 2,201,000 300,000
details Core support to Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) Municipality of Ferizaj, Municipality of Kacanik, Municipality of Mitrovica, Municipality of Peja, Municipality of Prishtina, Municipality of Prizren Sweden 321 - INDUSTRY Kosovo 30/06/2023 1,493,986.7 746,993.35


Actual CommitmentsActual Disbursements
Totals (EUR)3,513,373,903.982,451,507,167.61