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Title Beneficiary Agency Donor Agency Primary Sector Location Actual Completion Date Actual Commitments (EUR)sort descending Actual Disbursements (EUR)
details Other funding from various government departments in Luxembourg N/A Beneficiary Organization Luxembourg 998 - UNALLOCATED/ UNSPECIFIED Kosovo 501,356
details Ren": CRYM Building N/A Beneficiary Organization Embassy of Netherlands 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY North Mitrovica 30/06/2013 7,997
details Emergency medications Ministry of Health Norway 120 - HEALTH Pristina 30/06/2008 11,370
details Feroda Wood Pellets Production Plant N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 311 - AGRICULTURE Lipjan 31/12/2008 30,000
details Operation support N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 120 - HEALTH Pristina 31/12/2008 830
details Prishtina Insight Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Norway 220 - COMMUNICATION Pristina 31/12/2008 11,000
details Furnishment of SOC sites -Decani Monastery Visoki Decani Monastery Norway 998 - UNALLOCATED/ UNSPECIFIED Decan 30/11/2008 10,000
details Quality Education in Ferizaj Initiative for Progress Norway 110 - EDUCATION Ferizaj 30/04/2009 8,480
details Purchase of plasm screen for Kosovo Police Kosovo Police Norway 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Pristina 30/11/2008 834
details RC Church Janjevo N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 998 - UNALLOCATED/ UNSPECIFIED Lipjan 31/05/2009 10,000


Actual CommitmentsActual Disbursements
Totals (EUR)3,099,298,099.412,364,044,095.55