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Title Beneficiary Agency Donor Agency Primary Sector Location Actual Completion Date Actual Commitments (EUR) Actual Disbursements (EUR)
details Young Entreprenuers Program N/A Beneficiary Organization United States Agency for International Development 250 - BUSINESS AND OTHER SERVICES Pristina 4,587,774.64 4,616,888.7
details Young Child Survival and Development Ministry of Health United Nations Children's Fund 120 - HEALTH, 130 - POPULATION POLICIES/PROGRAMMES AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Kosovo 31/12/2013 166,071.92 8,322.47
details You Should Change - Be Aware Independent Women's Association Hareija Embassy of Netherlands 120 - HEALTH 30/04/2012 12,300 12,300
details You can do it! N/A Beneficiary Organization Embassy of Netherlands 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Rahovec 30/05/2013 12,070 12,070
details Worst Forms of Child Labour Project 1 Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Labor and Social Walfare , Ministry of Local Government and Administration International Labour Organization 160 - OTHER SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES Kosovo 368,404.19 332,688.52
details workshops on weaving, tailoring and sewing BRIGA Embassy of Netherlands 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Peja 07/06/2010 6,400 6,400
details Workshop on reproductive Health Strategy for NGO Senior Officers - Capacity Development of NGO Towards Sustainability Kosova Health Foundation Government of Japan 130 - POPULATION POLICIES/PROGRAMMES AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Kosovo 16/10/2010 11,851.6 13,273.35
details Workshop on Administration of Environmental and Social Consideration Process for Implementation of a Japanese ODA Loan Project (FY2015) Ministry of European Integration Government of Japan 400 - MULTISECTOR/CROSS-CUTTING Kosovo 14/04/2016 10,386.53 10,292.6
details Workshop for traditional crafts in Janjevo N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 321 - INDUSTRY Lipjan 31/12/2012 4,393.29 4,422.79
details Women's Wellness Center N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Peja 30/06/2010 9,300 9,300


Actual CommitmentsActual Disbursements
Totals (EUR)3,026,124,499.412,454,276,853.74