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Title Beneficiary Agency Donor Agency Primary Sector Location Actual Completion Date Actual Commitments (EUR) Actual Disbursements (EUR)
details BBC It’s Our Generation N/A Beneficiary Organization United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Kosovo, Serbia 31/03/2015 325,855.48 326,151.3
details Basketball tournament and picnic for people with limited abilities N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 160 - OTHER SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES Kosovo 31/12/2012 3,928.7 3,928.7
details Basketball Tournament N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 998 - UNALLOCATED/ UNSPECIFIED Gjakova 1,000 1,000
details Basic Information Gathering Mission from JICA HQ on Education Data Collecting Survey on IT Vocational Education and Training in Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Government of Japan 110 - EDUCATION Kosovo 05/12/2009 8,656.67 8,349.44
details Basic Information Collection Survey on Solid Waste Management in Kosovo Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Government of Japan 140 - WATER AND SANITATION Kosovo 31/03/2011 42,427.94 47,730.72
details Basic health education of women and girls-Healthy future of our society N/A Beneficiary Organization Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Kosovo 13/02/2013 7,000 7,000
details Basic Education Program N/A Beneficiary Organization Government of Kosovo, United States Agency for International Development 110 - EDUCATION Gjakova 30/09/2016 12,098,164.16 11,953,767.4
details Basic Education and Gender Equality N/A Beneficiary Organization United Nations Children's Fund 110 - EDUCATION, 130 - POPULATION POLICIES/PROGRAMMES AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, 160 - OTHER SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES Kosovo 2,636,353.85 2,780,418.04
details BAS Kosovo European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Embassy of Netherlands 250 - BUSINESS AND OTHER SERVICES Kosovo 01/11/2011 1,814,874 1,512,000
details Balkan Sunflowers: Supporting the school program of "Rolling Film Festival" N/A Beneficiary Organization Finland 110 - EDUCATION, 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Pristina 21/10/2009 2,500 2,500


Actual CommitmentsActual Disbursements
Totals (EUR)3,026,993,578.562,532,872,702.91