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Title Beneficiary Agencysort descending Donor Agency Primary Sector Location Actual Completion Date Actual Commitments (EUR) Actual Disbursements (EUR)
details Monitoring of Child Rights in the EU-Enlargement Process United Nations Children's Fund Austria 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Kosovo 31/12/2013 300,000 300,000
details Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in Kosovo United Nations Children's Fund Austrian Development Agency 110 - EDUCATION Kosovo 723,150 723,150
details Documentary about transitional justice United Nations Development Programme France 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY, 220 - COMMUNICATION Kosovo 20,000 14,718.87
details UNDP Support to Judical Education United Nations Development Programme Embassy of Netherlands 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Kosovo 31/12/2012 800,000
details UNDP WSSI Plus United Nations Development Programme Embassy of Netherlands 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Kosovo 13/10/2013 750,000
details Support to Anticorruption Efforts in Kosovo United Nations Development Programme Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY Kosovo 2,160,001 2,160,001
details Support to Faculty of Law University and National Library Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina 110 - EDUCATION Kosovo 04/10/2018 49,217 46,746.8
details Swiss & Liechtenstein Support Project to Mental Health in Kosovo University Clinical Center Swiss Federal Office for Migration 120 - HEALTH Kosovo 31/12/2011 428,920 418,920
details Pre-Hospital Care and Emergency Services University Clinical Center Luxembourg 120 - HEALTH Kosovo 31/12/2012 1,502,900
details Austrian Medical Seminars - Advanced Training for Medical Doctors University Clinical Center Austria 120 - HEALTH Kosovo 31/12/2011 34,390 33,620


Actual CommitmentsActual Disbursements
Totals (EUR)3,148,139,896.812,328,498,294.51