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Title Beneficiary Agency Donor Agency Primary Sector Locationsort descending Actual Completion Date Actual Commitments (EUR) Actual Disbursements (EUR)
details Return and Reintegration Assistance for Voluntary Returnees to Kosovo from Austria Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Social Walfare Austria 400 - MULTISECTOR/CROSS-CUTTING 30/06/2012 1,503,121 1,503,121
details Sustainable Partnerships for Assistance to Returns in Kosovo Ministry for Community and Return Embassy of the Czech Republic, Ministry for Community and Return, Norway, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 700 - HUMANITARIAN AID, 930 - REFUGEES IN DONOR COUNTRIES 30/06/2011 384,294.71 411,044.76
details PROJECT 121 N/A Beneficiary Organization Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY 30/06/2010 7,807 8,028.26
details New Kosovo Curriculum Framework Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Embassy of Netherlands, United Nations Children's Fund 110 - EDUCATION 31/12/2011 103,587.44 111,506.34
details Mental health status, development and psychosocial needs of repatriated children in Kosovo N/A Beneficiary Organization United Nations Children's Fund 120 - HEALTH 31/01/2012 60,433.25 64,826.01
details Mother and Child Health & Nutrition N/A Beneficiary Organization United Nations Children's Fund 120 - HEALTH 31/12/2011 71,591.73 74,007.67
details Improve Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Situation N/A Beneficiary Organization United States Agency for International Development 120 - HEALTH 31/03/2012 50,916.17 49,097.72
details E-government in Kosovo (pilot project) Association of Municipalities in Kosovo Norway 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY 30/12/2011 61,875.06 61,875.06
details Kosovo ICT Innovation HUB - Concept Study N/A Beneficiary Organization Norway 250 - BUSINESS AND OTHER SERVICES 30/12/2010 35,516.29 35,516.29
details Support to the Constitutional Court N/A Beneficiary Organization Department for International Development 150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY 31/03/2011 1,064,945.32 988,292.23


Actual CommitmentsActual Disbursements
Totals (EUR)3,303,037,266.492,409,878,656.65