The Aid Management Platform (AMP) is a project of the Ministry of European Integration of the Government of Kosovo, funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo (EUO) and implemented by Development Gateway International.  The objective of the AMP project is to strengthen the capacity of MEI to manage, track and report on aid flows through the implementation of a Web-based aid management system.  AMP tracks donor commitments and disbursements to Kosovo, links activities to OECD/DAC sectors, Medium-Term Expenditure priorities, and the European Partnership Action Plan.

At the 2009 Kosovo High Level Forum, MEI pledged to support improved coordination with donors and management of aid through a Web-based aid management platform.  The implementation of AMP fulfills that pledge, serving as a “one-stop-shop” for information on donor-funded activities, making it much easier to identify “who is doing what, where, and how” and reducing transaction costs for data gathering, reporting and coordination.

The two-year implementation, rollout and institutional strengthening of the Aid Management Program is supported by EUO. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provided assistance for the assessment phase.  AMP was created by Development Gateway in partnership with the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate, the World Bank, and UNDP.


Focal points from each agency operating in Kosovo enter and update the data in AMP on a quarterly, monthly or real-time basis, according to agreements between MEI the donors.  Customized reports are available to all donors and MEI will publish annual and quarterly aid reports through AMP.  To ensure data quality, each donor has an internal validation process, and MEI monitors the data regularly for data quality and completeness.  Most donors have entered projects that were ongoing in 2009, and are continuously updating the platform with new information and new projects. If there is missing data it is because the donor has not entered that information. 

Funding information has been entered in the currency used by each respective donor, and is converted to Euro or other currencies, based on the day the exchange rate on the day that the financial transaction occurred.  By default, data is shown in the assumed European fiscal year (1 Jan- 31 Dec), but data can be converted to other fiscal years (for example, UK and US) by using filters.  The fields and definitions in AMP were developed in accordance with international standards, including the OECD/DAC and International Aid Transparency Initiative, and in consultation with the AMP Advisory Group in Kosovo, comprised of MEI, MEF, MLGA, EUO, USAID, GTZ and KFW.  AMP is an active system that is continually updated with the latest aid information. Since some donors update their project information in real-time, information published in the AMP can change often. Therefore, when using or referring to the aid information in the AMP, it is important to also include the date and time that the AMP was accessed in order to produce comparable results.  

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